Why Rent New?

It's common knowledge that renting textbooks is the best way to save money on your textbooks, but there's an easy way to sweeten the deal even further. How? Rent NEW Textbooks! At TextbookStop.com, we give you the option to Rent NEW copies of most of our textbooks. Why is renting new such an awesome option?

Clean Pages: Reading a used textbook can be like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. Highlighting, notes, underlining ... why put up with it? New textbooks are clean and easy to read.

That Fresh Book Smell: Do you visit the bookstore just for the wonderful smell? Nothing beats the scent of a new textbook, especially when compared to a used textbook, which tend to smell like stale pizza mixed with old gym socks.

The Crack of the Spine: The crack of the spine the first time a textbook is opened; it's a moment that dreams are made of. Can't get enough of it? Rent New and record that glorious moment as your ringtone.

No Bad Advice: Only in wizarding school do the notes in your textbook's margins actually help; in the real world, however, they are often pointless or wrong. It's hard enough to learn a mountain of information, why make it harder on yourself by having to ignore all of the annoying notes written in the margins? Rent New and make it easier on yourself.

Optimism: When it all comes down to it, using a brand new textbook helps you feel more optimistic about your ability to do well in school. Few things are as empowering as walking into class on the first day of the semester with a fresh textbook in arm; your professor might be impressed enough to immediately give you an A+.

So why Rent New? Doing so allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of a new textbook, but at the fantastic price of a textbook rental. You gotta' love compromise.

We guarantee that you will recieve the quoted price for your textbooks(s) as long as they are postmarked within 7 days.
New Textbook Substitution
If a used book is not available for a particular title, you choose whether you would like us to substitute a new book (at the new book price), or cancel your order for that book.
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