Buyback Guidelines

Book Conditions purchases books in "Very Good" condition. "Very Good" can be defined as the following:

  • Highlighting, margin notes, or other markings in less than 20% of the book

  • Clean in appearance

  • NO torn pages / NO missing pages

  • NO water damage

  • Spine is intact

  • Study Guides and Workbooks MUST be Free of ANY markings DOES NOT buy the following:

  • International Editions

  • Instructor's Editions

  • Complimentary Editions

  • Loose-Leaf Editions

  • Custom Editions

  • Greater than 5 quantities of one title. (If you'd like to sell 5 or more copies of one title please contact us)

Usually, Instructor's Edition and International Edition are clearly marked with IE or TE on the spine, front cover, or written on the copyright page. If you are unsure if your book is one of the above please contact us.

Shippping, Packaging ,and Payment provides a FREE pre-paid USPS shipping label with all online buyback orders. All shipments must be postmarked within 7 days of the quoted date and received within 30 days. All shipments received after 30 days from the quoted date may have their price adjusted accordingly. is not responsible for items lost in the mail. online buyback items must match the exact version displayed on The exact version is determined by the ISBN on the copyright page. Any books received that cannot be sold (due to poor condition, mailed after the 7 day required postmark deadline, or the book received was different than the book listed on your buyback order) will be destroyed.

To ensure your books arrive safe and sound, use a sturdy corregated box which fits your books firmly. If there is extra room, feel free to use wadded up newspapers for fill. All boxes should weigh no more than 35lbs to ensure proper delivery. Payments are issued within 48 hours of receiving your order. All payments will be sent to the address provided in your account.

We guarantee that you will recieve the quoted price for your textbooks(s) as long as they are postmarked within 7 days.
New Textbook Substitution
If a used book is not available for a particular title, you choose whether you would like us to substitute a new book (at the new book price), or cancel your order for that book.
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